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International Islamic Council for Da`wa and Relief

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Preamble and mission

The religion of Islam is the seal of the Divine Messages, and Muhammad (Allah's peace and prayers be upon his soul) is similarly the seal of all the Prophets and Messengers. Allah sent him to all people in the world. Hence, his Da`wa was universal, unceasing in time, unlimited to any territory, and unrestricted to any race, color or category of human beings.

The Da`wa of Islam addresses all people in all times and places. "We have not sent Thee but to mankind entire, good tidings to bear and warning (against Sin) ..." (Sura Saba', Verse 28)

When the Prophet (may peace be upon him) passed away after delivering the message and fulfilling the trust, the sacred duty of Da`wa as "Fardh Kifayah", collective duty, went to his people ... to all the Muslims, rulers and ruled ... carried out on their behalf by the Islamic elite of scholars and men of letters among them in keeping with the Quranic guidance.

"It is not for the believers to go forth totally; but why should not a party of every section of them go forth to become learned in religion and to warn their people when they return to them that perhaps they may beware." (Sura Tawbah, Verse 132)

On this account, it is among the duties of the scholars and the jurists (Al-Fuqaha) who are well-versed in religious matters to propagate Islamic Da`wa, to explain its principles and to correct any misunderstanding of its concepts, and to convey it to all people in the east and west and the remotest parts of the earth.

The message of Da`wa is among the greatest and noblest messages, especially as its ranges have so widely expanded and its scopes diversified, with the widening methods of demonstrating different contemporary schools of thought. It is to be equally noted nowadays that Islamic rules can be deliberately mixed up with incorrect ideas that are disseminated by God's enemies, which necessitated the assignment of groups of scholars to carry out the task of correcting misconceptions and straightening thoughts so that they conform with the correct criteria of the Islamic faith.

The difficulties of a preacher's mission, besides what has already been mentioned, may be aggravated by the incessant growth of the Muslim people and the spread of their societies all over the world. Besides the extended areas of their territories and countries, their diversified languages and environments all add to the aforementioned difficulties. That is why many institutions, organizations and associations, in different countries and bearing various names, were established to undertake Da`wa efforts, each on its own and according to its capabilities, without planning or coordination.

Consequently, some reformists of Da`wa called for coordination among these organizations, for the realization of optimum benefits on a wide scale so that efforts of all Da`wa institutions working in this field may be complemented.

These hopes have been frequently echoed by Islamic conferences in many sessions, mentioning among those gatherings the Fourth International Conference of Sirah and Sunnah (Life and Traditions) of the Prophet (the Tenth Conference of Islamic Studies Academy), which was held in Cairo on 18-24 Safar, 1406 A.H., corresponding to 1-7 November 1985, the International Mosques Council Conference held in Makkah on 13-15 Safar, 1408 A.H., corresponding to 6-8 October 1987, and the Eleventh Conference of Islamic Studies (Islamic Da`wa Affairs) held in Cairo on 15- 19 Rajab, 1408 A.H., corresponding to 4-8 March 1988, all of which discussed the following topics:

A- Coordination of activities of all bodies undertaking Islamic Da`wa and relief works.

B- The status of Islamic minorities in the world and the responsibilities of Muslims towards them.

C- Contemporary causes of the Islamic `ummah at large.

Among the decisions taken by the conference towards the first subject was the establishment of an International Islamic Council for Da`wa and Relief.

The Conference defined the functions of this Council and its sub-branches, and commissioned to Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, in collaboration with the Muslim World League in Makkah and the International Islamic Charitable Foundation in Kuwait, the task of preparing the draft of the Constitution, By-Laws and Executive Regulations for the suggested Council and its branches.

Subsequently the Shaikh of Al-Azhar invited H.E. Dr. Abdullah bin Omar Nasseef, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, and H.E. Shaikh Yusuf Hajji the Chairman of the International Islamic Charitable Foundation in Kuwait, for a meeting held at Al-Azhar on Thursday 27 Sha'ban, 1408 A.H., corresponding to 14 April 1988. Discussions took place on the basic aspects of the By-Laws of the suggested Council and its Executive Regulations.

On the approval of H.E. Dr. Abdullah Omer Nasseef, his assistant, Dr. Malik S. Khan, reorganized inJanuary 2010.